Our New Website

We are thrilled to announce that the Club’s brand-new website is officially live! As a result of the prior website’s platform becoming obsolete, the Officers worked diligently to revamp the website and move the management responsibilities over to a new company, Nurick & Associates. We may be a bit partial, but we think the website looks fantastic and hope you do too. Please check it out and let us know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions to make it even better.

Please note, the first time you visit the website at www.houstonmarinersclub.com, you will need to login as a new member (even if you are a current member!). Given that the membership year technically ended on July 31, 2021 and given that nearly the entire membership needs to renew and pay dues, it is perfect timing to include the annual dues payment will be a part of this initial login process.

If you have already paid dues, or you are a Past Skipper and no longer required to pay dues, you will be emailed a confidential discount code to negate payment later this week.

Please reach out to Yeoman [email protected] with any questions surrounding membership.

Gregory Schuelke, Skipper
Nikki Howes, First Mate
Misha Paltiyevich, Purser
Trevor Ewing, Yeoman

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